EU Expertise & Consultancy

Based on the needs and ambitions of the potential clients, Acar consultancy scan through the most interesting and appropriate funding opportunities in European program leading to an overview of the most relevant funding sources. Furthermore, Acar consultancy can tailor the scanning process to concrete project idea(s) that clients have in mind and formulate set of practical advices on how to achieve the optimum use of the identified funds to achieve your goals. 

Project Management 

We support the projects right from the setup of financial and legal structures all the way to the final closure. Acar Consultancy will deliver a complete service package including daily coordination, communication and facilitation, quality content implementation and fulfilling Program expectations of with regards to administration, financing and reporting. 

Acar Consultancy works hard to satisfy it’s clients’ specific organizational requirements and tailor various methods and solutions so as to fit these conditions. 

Acar Consultancy possesses complex multi-cultural, administrative and financial management skills and experience as well as the necessary knowledge to take care of clients’ transnational partnerships in accordance with European requirements and regulations. 

Tender Monitoring and Project development 

Acar Consultancy will develop project concept to a grant application. Mr Acar will start working with its clients by exploring funding options and choosing the relevant program matching client’s project idea. Once Mr Acar fully explored customer needs and expectations, next he will draft the project concept and develop the application, followed by a thorough quality check. As a company Mr Acar fine-tune customer’s project concept into a solid logical frame via a series of joint workshops and brainstorming sessions, defining the conceptual background, objectives, activities, outputs and long-term results matching customer needs. To be able to do this, the founder Mr Umut ACAR is armed with in depth knowledge and understanding of the program and relevant EU policies and regulations.

Additionally, in this phase project will be matched with potential partners. Through the our company’s direct access to a wide network of potential European partners and experts, Mr Acar will guide clients through this process, making recommendations and suggestions. 

Project implementation 

Acar Consultancy will design a detailed implementation plan through a series of consultations with the partners and key stakeholders, also defining the budget frames and key responsibilities of the core members of the alliance. Depending on the Program, if the concept needs to be validated by a relevant authority, Acar Consultancy will assist the clients with that. 

Finally, Acar Consultancy elaborates the project application including the detailed allocation of tasks among partners with a matching bottom-up budget, based on which we can complete the full application form and related administrative tasks needed to submit an eligible and successful proposal. 

Monitoring and Evaluation 

Monitoring service foreseens collecting of information and ensuring the use of these information by the management. Monitoring is an ongoing process throughout the whole project that allows prompt identification of the problems and missing, enables the possible needed updates to keep the project on the right track to reach the optimal results. 

Evaluation services is a process which determines as systematically and as objectively as possible the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact of activities in the light of a project programme performance, focusing on the analysis of the progress made towards the achievement of the stated objectives. 


Acar Consultancy is prepared to contribute to all activities from the preparation and facilitation of dissemination events, to developing a communication strategy, creating and maintaining communication channels (eg newsletter, social media) and designing promotional materials, in line with relevant Program requirements. Acar Consulting also provides copywriting services for Web pages and social networks.