Youth funding

Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport. Each year, UK youth organisations and young people can access Erasmus+ funding to support life-changing international opportunities.

For organisations, it helps to develop capacity, initiate international partnerships, and offer new opportunities to young people. As an individual, you can add to your understanding of other cultures, while gaining knowledge, skills and experience of value to your career. Erasmus+ is especially beneficial for disadvantaged and vulnerable young people, who might otherwise miss out on opportunities for international experience. Through Erasmus+:

  • Youth organisations can collaborate with international partners: to develop their capacity and offer new opportunities to young people
  • Young people can experience life in another European country: to share interests and concerns with their counterparts through a youth exchange
  • Youth workers and staff can job shadow or train abroad: to develop their professional practice, build relationships with international peers and gain new ideas
  • Young people can interact and debate with decision-makers: in order to make a difference on issues that affect them

Available funding

In 2020, €11.9m is proposed for UK youth organisations. These activities are ‘decentralised’, which means you apply to the Erasmus+ UK National Agency via the website:

  • Mobility for young people and youth workers (Key Action 1): opportunities for youth workers or individuals part of a youth organisation to spend a period of learning in another country through youth exchanges and training/networking for youth workers
  • Partnerships funding (Key Action 2): collaborative partnerships to address shared problems in order to exchange best practice and build internal capacity
  • Cross-sector Partnerships (Key Action 2): working with partners from the higher education, vocational education and training, school, adult education and youth sectors to improve provision for students and young people
  • Shaping youth policy (Key Action 3): projects aim to strengthen the voice of young people on the issues that affect them the most

Ready to apply?

There are various requirements to fulfil before you apply.

Contact us now to get detailed information and tailored project management services which will add value in your organization.



In 2020, €11.9m is proposed for UK youth organisations!

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